Friday, March 26, 2010

the return!

I'm back, finally! It was a short trip, but it completely wiped me out. We got in late Sunday night (after working all day Sunday, then traveling) and my friend picking us up from the airport got in an accident on the way- nice. She ended up cracking her radiator, so we had to pull over at a gas station and have her car towed. We finally made it back to her house about 1 am, and crashed about 2 or 2:30? Because I'm slowly (or quickly) becoming my Grandma, I woke up at 8 WIDE AWAKE.

Monday- we were off to a full day of New Orleans fun. We went to see my friend try on her wedding dress (I LOVE WEDDING DRESSES!), and had lunch at an awesome little hole-in-the-wall bar/po' boy shop. If you don't know the beauty that is a po' boy, let me enlighten you. Big crusty bread as the base, then you choose the protein (meat, shrimp, veggie, potato, turkey, pretty much anything!), then it's all "dressed" with a pepper/onion mix, mustard, mayo, geez. Needless to say I'm not at all surprised Louisiana is one of the unhealthiest States. I ate all the middle, but no bread. I just couldn't do it!

Tuesday- up bright and early to go visit my friend's school (she does Teach for America, which is like AmeriCorp to get great teachers into inner city "bad" schools) and it was humbling. The building was falling apart, they had NOTHING, and the kids were... tough. I just can't imagine. She's my hero! Then we were off to the French Quarter for the day and it was beautiful- such gorgeous weather. The Quarter is the classic area of Mardi Gras and what most people associate New Orleans with. It's wild, busy and the architecture is incredible. We walked and walked, and had a beignet (a little doughnut covered in powdered sugar) and eventually a daiquri. Which came with a shot of alcohol. I'm also not surprised everyone in New Orleans is drunk.

We ended the day with a great trip for ice cream (um, sorry Jesus. Lent doesn't count on Spring Break, right?!)- or sorbet in my case- that we ate at a park right across from Tulane University.

Then it was time to come home! So sad to leave. I love New Orleans so much, which surprises a lot of people. In the faith community, New Orleans is often thought of as "the Devil's city" and that its debauchery is not for the faint of heart. But clearly I don't go for that, and I find it's history and surroundings incredible. The architecture is unlike anything I've seen. The people are relaxed and friendly. And it's just SO MUCH FUN! Everyone everywhere is smiling and just so happy to be there. I love it!

And then I worked a marathon day yesterday. Nothing like being thrown right back in, eh? But today I have off, so that makes up for it :) As soon as I get some pictures I'll post them up for all to see. Until then, it's right back to healthy eating. I was really impressed with the balance I used on vacation. Sure, I ate some things that weren't the healthiest (French pastries, margaritas the size of my head) but I did something I don't normally do- I listened to my body. If I wasn't hungry, I didn't eat. I had a daiquri for lunch one day because it's what I wanted, and after finishing, I wasn't hungry. Not ideal, but the "old" me would have enjoyed a great FULL lunch because "I WAS ON VACATION!" This is the time for gluttony! But not this time- I ate when I was hungry, ate what I was craving, and stopped when I was full. I'm calling that a success!

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