Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a green snack!

... and I totally spaced taking the picture. Forgiveness please.

I finally got around to using the coupons for free Fiber One Yogurt we got at the PriorFatGirl meet up. They're not sold at Trader Joe's, so the fact that I actually sought these out is saying something in itself!

The verdict?

They're good, for what they are. I mean that in the nicest way.

The good?
- 0 WW Points (or only 50 calories)
- a great sweet alternative (I debated whether or not these fell into the "sweets" category per my Lenten goals, and decided they weren't)
- easy and portable
- actually filling for few calories

The bad?
- ingredient list longer than my arm
- many ingredients I can't pronounce
- expensive

I had one container over some thawed frozen berries and mixed in a little plain Greek yogurt to lessen the artificially sweetened taste. And sprinkled some unsweetened coconut on top. And a few rice puffs. It was a really really good snack! I don't know if I'd ever buy these with my own money, but hey, they were free. And the key lime pie flavor was a GREAT St. Patty's Day treat :)

Now onto the festivities! Wahoo! Our small group (Bible study-like hang out time) is having a "fun night" and playing games, bringing green snacks, and overall GREEN merriment. This is my FAVORITE holiday, not sure why. It's just so much fun! It's my first year not teaching preschool, and I'm feeling a little lacking in the fun shamrock times (I feel the need to stamp a shamrock out of a green pepper or make a green construction paper chain!), so tonight should make up for it :) Be safe, and have fun!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your small group and all the green treats!!