Wednesday, March 10, 2010

need a good read?

This book helped me so much when I first lost weight. I was so confused in my new body; I didn't feel like myself any more, ya know? I mean I felt great, but I had no idea who I'd become. And to make matters worse, the people around me didn't know who I'd become either! I remember journalling and just pouring my heart out, feeling like I was the only person to ever have felt this way (cue violins, geesh!). But seriously, it was real emotion.

*I was deathly afraid (and still am- the book isn't a cure all!) of gaining the weight back

*I was terrified to stop exercising every single day, no matter what

*Food scared the sh*t out of me

*Parties scared the sh*t out of me (all that food that I had strategically taken out of my life was back!)

You get the idea. It was my only little nightmare. I just wanted to NOT THINK ABOUT FOOD! I felt like there was so much more I'd rather use my few remaining brain cells for (a former pot-head and binge drinker- I don't have many left!) than what goes into my mouth at all hours of the day.

Anyway, if you've had any of these emotions (and I'm sure we all have!), I highly highly suggest this book. Even if you're not "at goal" yet, I wish so badly I had thought about these things before (or even during) the weight loss to save myself some major emotional baggage later on. Who's to say it wouldn't have come anyway, but I might have at least dealt with it better.

Apparently through this post I've learned I REALLY like parentheses. I'm now off to the gym to get this day started right! Happy Hump Day! Am I the only one that needs some SUN in Minnesota today?! No more clouds and rain, please!

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