Tuesday, March 9, 2010

and I'm back!

Whoa, what a weekend! We left Friday afternoon to an undisclosed location and ended up about 40 minutes out of the city to visit friends in Harris, MN. Not exactly a "vacation" but we had a BLAST! Sometimes any getaway, even small, is just what you need. We had a great time.

And then it was Saturday (we got home early evening) and I went into uber-Saturday Planning Mode. I had to finish my sermon (er, or start it. whoops.) and organize rides for the youth. I finally crashed in bed at about 10.

Then it was Sunday. Sundays for me are a work day (I intern at a church), so they're definitely not a day of rest! I was up and out the door by 7 am, and got home about... 4? I honestly don't even remember the rest of the night. My mind is BLANK by Sunday night! I've given up all sweets and TV (while I'm alone) for Lent, and all I wanted was a big piece of cake. And to watch some Gilmore Girls. But my husband was gone, so it was no TV for this girl. I honestly just went to bed at 8:30 after reading for a few minutes and called it quits. I needed some sleep.

Then, MONDAY! Mondays typically mean homework and class, but not this week because it's... Spring Break! Which doesn't mean much when you only have two classes on campus and still have to write the papers that are due next week. Drat. Ah well, I had a fun day anyway! A friend and I drove up to GORGEOUS Gooseberry Falls (about 20 minutes outside of Duluth, on the North Shore) and it was spectacular. A little chilly, but I just needed to be outside in the fresh air. Lovely. We hiked around, had lunch (the best tomato soup I've ever eaten!), and then drove home. Blast.

Now today, is... Tuesday? Gah, the days are running together! With my Spring Break status, that means I can work a full 12-hour day on Thursday (normally I leave for a few hours in the afternoon for class), so today I go in late. I slept in, with nowhere I HAD to be right away, for the first time in months. Possibly longer. It was pure bliss right here on this earth. I made it all the way until 7:30 (wild girl, I know!) and then had a leisurely morning of breakfast and catchup cleaning around this place. Things were starting to grow.

I tried something new today that was absolutely delicious- yogurt on top of oatmeal? I thought it might make me gag, but alas, it was really really good. Try it sometime. You might not regret it! I say might, because, well, the sound of it still sicks me out. So chances are you won't like it. Gotta cover all my bases :)

I hope to post some lovely pictures and update in a real way by tomorrow. For now, I just found out my cousin is in labor, so it's another exciting day around here! She's having the first Great Grandbaby, so our family's a little excited :) Can't wait!

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