Friday, March 5, 2010

and now I'm off. For real this time.

I thought I'd be gone on my secret excursion by now, but we haven't left quite yet. So far I've gotten two cryptic emails telling me what to pack:

- outdoor clothes for tomorrow

- comfy clothes for dinner and going out tonight

I think it's hilarious that we're potentially doing something outside, since my husband is NOT a fan of Minnesota in the winter (he's a Southern boy). So he really put a lot of thought into this, since I love being outdoors in the winter!

I was famished this afternoon for some reason, and had two snacks. First was more of an after lunch dessert, since I ate it quickly after lunch. And looking back, my lunch was only about 250 calories, so no wonder I was still hungry! Especially after a lighter-than-normal breakfast.


1 apple, microwaved for one minute

1/2 cupish cottage cheese (nonfat Trader Joe's brand)

sprinkle of walnuts (maybe 1 Tablespoon?)

drizzle of Trader Joe's Cranberry Apple Butter (I should buy stock in TJ's, methinks)

sprinkle (about 1 T) Kashi GoLean Crunch for... crunch!

Mmmmm. So satisfying.

Then a little while later, I had this bowl of cereal. I have a confession to make; I'm ADDICTED to cereal! I love it. I've found the trick is I need to find the lowest calorie options to limit the number of calories I consume while eating it, since it's not going out of my life any time soon!

This was:

1 cup Puffed Rice (not Rice Krispies, but plain ol' puffed rice)
1/2 cup TJ's High Fiber worms
about 1/4 cup Kashi GoLean Crunch
Canned pumpkin remnants (about 1/2 cup)
spoon of Almond Butter- maybe 1/2 T?
a whole lotta Almond Breeze (unsweetened, vanilla)

Consume. Delicious.

And now we really are off! This is actually proving to be really really good for me. In the past whenever we've gone out of town I've been a little anxiety driven with panic about what/where we'll eat, if I'll be able to exercise, that sort of thing. It kind of consumes me, and I don't just relax and enjoy. This is absolutely forcing me to do that! The goal is MODERATION. Vacations are a part of life, they'll always be there. I need to learn how to add them into my life and function within them, instead of avoiding them.

Here's hoping :)

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