Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I watched both episodes of Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" last night and... wow. Blown away. I think it's going to be a weekly show? But being the bum I am, I always catch TV when it's free on my computer :) You can watch it here if you're interested- it is completely worth it.

It really made me think more about kids and food. I work with youth, and honestly their diets are disgusting. They coat EVERYTHING in ranch dressing. Everything. Risotto? Yup. Lasagna? Yup. All of it. The only way I can get them to touch a vegetable is if it's covered in ranch, and only then it's carrots and nothing more. Fruit? Rarely. And only if it's from a can, coated in syrup.

This show had Jamie Oliver, a world-famous chef, going into a school and trying to revamp their food lunch program. The kids hated his food, which wasn't surprising. The saddest part was watching a 16 year old boy get tested for diabetes. The family's eating habits had become out of control.

The whole thing opened my eyes to just what the kids of this world are eating- pizza for breakfast (literally), chicken nuggets for lunch, and then chicken nuggets for dinner. Mind-boggling. Our ever-beautiful First Lady has also started taking notice of our kids' health, and has started initiatives to get childhood obesity under control. I can only pray that something, SOMETHING, works. Otherwise our kids have a bleak future. Ick.

In lighter news, today it hit 70 degrees in Minnesota!

Being that March is typically the snowiest month, this is the highlight of my life. I love me some sunshine. Tomorrow I'm taking a bunch of my youth to eat pancakes and then to the park to enjoy the gorgeous ABOVE 70 day! It's their spring break, and they hate it- what kid hates spring break?! They say it's awful because it's boring. Oh, to be 13 again :)

Get out and enjoy that sunshine with a long, slow, thoughtful walk. You definitely won't regret it!

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